Friday, October 23, 2009

sunsets & long strides

photo: Garance Doré

It's this time of year, when blue skies become commonplace, the sunsets seem to last forever, between the laneways and the train tracks
fairytales begin to come true, & on the street wrinkled men, overworked mothers & dancing, sunburnt children start to look up, up... it's this time of the year that dreams seem just that bit closer, just that bit more real.

Which is why you should always let down your hair, trust in the journey rather than the destination, take your time, breathe the air, dream of all you will become and revel in what you are.

(because you're a star!)

dreaming of you,

(Sorry guys I'm having a little trouble with the font size. I apologize if it's too small, or if some words appear larger - it's not intentional! Also, if anyone else has had this problem & fixed it, please let me know how! Thanks).

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