Sunday, October 25, 2009

101 reasons to smile: Your Song.

You recognise it before the first note is over. You remember every word, every note, every little thing. Its like your heart beats in time. It's your anthem, its your song.

You know, the one that makes your insides tingle each and every time. It's the one that if you were a song, this would be it.

Sometimes you forget about it, you forget about that tingle, that energy, that recognition that bubbles up inside you when you hear it - but when you do, oh, when you do, you know it. Your every atom knows it.

And you're the one who rocks out hardest to it. You're the one who finds it hardest not to burst into dance when listening to it in public. Darn it, its your song. No one else loves it quite as much as you do.

So turn the music up, remember that there is no one else like you in this crazy universe of ours, and get down to it!

smiling like mad,

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