Monday, November 9, 2009

say yes

something to keep you going this week.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

when lost.

1. put on your mother's dress.
2. take off your shoes and socks.
3. breathe.
4. wander.
5. see.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

101 reasons to smile: Your Song.

You recognise it before the first note is over. You remember every word, every note, every little thing. Its like your heart beats in time. It's your anthem, its your song.

You know, the one that makes your insides tingle each and every time. It's the one that if you were a song, this would be it.

Sometimes you forget about it, you forget about that tingle, that energy, that recognition that bubbles up inside you when you hear it - but when you do, oh, when you do, you know it. Your every atom knows it.

And you're the one who rocks out hardest to it. You're the one who finds it hardest not to burst into dance when listening to it in public. Darn it, its your song. No one else loves it quite as much as you do.

So turn the music up, remember that there is no one else like you in this crazy universe of ours, and get down to it!

smiling like mad,

Friday, October 23, 2009

sunsets & long strides

photo: Garance Doré

It's this time of year, when blue skies become commonplace, the sunsets seem to last forever, between the laneways and the train tracks
fairytales begin to come true, & on the street wrinkled men, overworked mothers & dancing, sunburnt children start to look up, up... it's this time of the year that dreams seem just that bit closer, just that bit more real.

Which is why you should always let down your hair, trust in the journey rather than the destination, take your time, breathe the air, dream of all you will become and revel in what you are.

(because you're a star!)

dreaming of you,

(Sorry guys I'm having a little trouble with the font size. I apologize if it's too small, or if some words appear larger - it's not intentional! Also, if anyone else has had this problem & fixed it, please let me know how! Thanks).

Monday, October 19, 2009

"I am reborn. This is my dawn. Real life has just begun."
- Chris McCandless (Into the Wild).

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Please don't forget where you come from. Don't forget your brothers and sisters. Don't forget your just a child of the trees and the sun (not that you could be 'just' anything). Don't forget that the earth is bigger than all of us. That the world is breathing, wondering, learning, just like we are, for ever and ever.

photos: littleteaspoon & amki222.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

time flies...

time flies when you're a busy bee (or having a life-threatening weakness for Brothers & Sisters marathons, haha).

photos: weheartit & sea shanties.

Today has been one filled with flowers, sunshine & lots & lots of green. I kicked off the day with breakfast at a café in a garden store, then went on to plant some pretty plants, so that may be why.

I've always been a girl of nature. I've always thought there was no sweeter sound than that of swaying trees, rustling leaves & crashing, smashing ocean waves. But that's another post.

Hoping your weekend was dazzling - and restful,

Friday, October 9, 2009

photo by _shazza_ ( via papertissue, who always provides the loviest pictures).

“You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.”

Barbara De Angelis.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it's time

photo by mumbojumbo89 on deviantArt (via weheartit)

it's time to treat your body how it deserves to be treated.

it's time to realise your body is there for no other reason but to serve you. Your body is here to stay. Its in for the long run. It will never lie to you, or trick you or go behind you back.

So why are you punishing it? Why are you critisizing it and bashing it around? RESPECT your body.

So many of us see junk food and stuff we 'probably shouldn't have' as treats. Really? Do you really think your body, which relies so much on what you put in your mouth thinks of those foods as 'treats'? No! Junk food punishes your body. It doesn't give it what it needs. No energy, no vitamins, no antioxidants, nothing that your body would consider a treat. And how can you expect your body to perform when you just give it crap?

Yet we complain about how tired we are, how unfit we are, how often we get sick, how many pimples we have.

Eating healthy is nourishing for your body. When people eat well, they feel well, they feel happy. When I'm munching on a healthy snack I'm concious of how it is rewarding my body, of how this is going to benefit me.

It's time to flip around that view that food that is bad for you is what you want, and eating healthy is a chore. It's not! It's taking care of yourself. It's being good to yourself.

Take care of your body. Rest it well every night, feed it better every day, take it for a spin as often as you can, and rememeber, you've got it for life.

Sleep tight

p.s. sorry about the odd format... I've been writing a speech for school & it seems I can no longer write in proper sentences ;).

Monday, October 5, 2009

I was thinking... we should all just come out and admit it. Sometimes, there just aint nothin' better than strawberries on chocolate cake.

(sorry about the small pictures, I'm working on it!)

After two weeks of chocolate cake, fruit salads for breakfast, shopping, spending quality time with a book, watching absurd amounts of Brothers & Sisters and The Nanny, and many, many laughs... the holidays are over. Harsh reality, how you doin'?

So I was wondering, how do you cope coming back from holidays? Are you more driven & motivated than ever, or do you find it akin to jetlag?

Me? Jetlag. Deffinitely.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

ooh la la

Jenny Zarins' photography makes me go oh la la.

That & the sun finally showing itself today. & listening to old rock music. & picking flowers. & having beautiful friends who (whom?) will watch High School Musical with me (haha).

It's the weekend! Relax & be rad.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


When anger & irritation are nipping at you, when it seems that everything is a façade & life & relationships just aren't living up to your expectations, call up a friend & tell them a secret.

Whether it is that you have a massive crush on Zac Efron, or that you feel like you just can't do your job anymore - whatever. Tell them and laugh, or hear their awkard silence, or listen to their advice, or hear their secrets revealed back to you. Just know that you have done something totally honest to yourself. That you have shared a truth & you have shared yourself. In the end, isn't that all you have, anyway - yourself? So share it with the world, its waiting.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

photo by tigerlace

Wake up. Do it. Silence the bullshit in your head. Listen to your heart. Listen to the ocean. Listen to the sky.

Life isn't short but it is if you don't realise what you can accomplish in a day.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

sneak peak...

It's been a busy week this week! In the nicest of ways, I assure you! Very shortly the AFL Grand Final will commence (you bet I'll be cheering!), so this post will just be a little sneak peak at the past week...

'You have got to own your days and live them, each one of them, every one of them, or else the years go right by and none of them belong to you.' - Herb Gardner.

Something to keep in mind, no?
Hoping your week has been exciting, tingling & surprising,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

it's a new day...

So! This is my first post - I'm so excited! Wondering what this is all about? Well, I'm hoping to post about my daily adventures as well as my thoughts on what to do when you can't sleep, what makes musical so damn brilliant and much, much more! My aim is to give you a blog full of pretty things, insightful and entertaining babble and other things to swoon over.

Other than that, I don't have much else to say, except: please be patient while I work out the kinks of blogging (technically and concerning content). Do know that I'm raring to go... and on that (rhyming) note, I'll be off with the wind, like magic...